If you are interested in submitting a story to miro.skara.is please send us your story at miro@skara.is. Technical information down below.

We are interested in all picture stories if they are photojournalistic all the better. You can either send us a link to your story and we'll let you know if we will publish it, or you can send us your images by e-mail. We accept pictures from all over the world. Not just from Iceland and not just from Icelandic photographers.

If you like we can help you edit your story, just send around 40 pictures and we'll take a look. Also if we think that your submitted story is to long we might edit it down, but not without letting you know first.

Technical information:
Pictures should be saved as JPG. 1500 px on the longer side. In a separate text document send us an intro to the story, a short (2 lines) text about you, and the captions if any (numbered the same way as the images).

Hjaltalín playing at Fríkirkjan from ICELAND AIRWAVES EGILL S by SKARA / Árni Torfason